Bitcoin is a technological tour de force – Bill Gates

We are probably witnessing the biggest revolution in the history of Finance: Bitcoin, the birth of a new global currency that stores value, and DeFi, the new rails of the financial system, open, distributed, and by far more effective than ever before.

We know it is not going to be easy, the world situation is dramatically changing due to COVID’19, the threat of inflation and stagnation, a debt bubble that is close to exploding and the changes in the dollar status-quo, threatened by the emerging digital currencies and by the Yuan.

At beToken Capital we stand as problem solvers. If we see something that’s not working, we take action and fix it. We want to become a key player in the ecosystem, not just investing at the most promising startups, protocols and platforms, but also using them, having an early advantage of the power of DeFi and the efficiency of Blockchain.

Our role should also be the one of a facilitator, we believe that it is mandatory for the Spanish speaking crowds to become early adopters, we plan to partner with the key stakeholders, empower communities and educate people on the use of DeFi and specially the projects and protocols that we believe will reshape the financial landscape.

Financial freedom is harder to achieve than it was before. But no generation was in a better position to solve the challenges ahead of it.

Now, Blockchain is engaging with finance matters more than ever. Many of us contribute to successful companies and institutions during the working day. And yet, when it comes to our own finances, it’s tempting to just switch off, without knowing what will await us in the future.

Those in the know are the ones who do the best; while those who sit out, lose out. Getting more people in the know is why we created beToken Capital in the first place.

It’s time to equip ourselves and the people around us with the information and tools to get the best from the marvelous Crypto and Decentralized world.

Let's do this together.

BeToken my friend!

Because a world that’s smarter, wealthier, and fairer is the world we choose to live in.

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