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beToken Capital has been founded by a team of experts in venture capital, financial markets and cryptocurrencies with the objective to contribute to the democratization of Finance by promoting people’s financial education and access to digital assets by investing and actively supporting the best blockchains and protocols.

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Thesis & Vision

We believe that investing in crypto digital assets not just provides a necessary diversification in any portfolio but also a high potential upside as crypto is creating the largest shift in wealth in the history of the Internet.

Our Investment Thesis

Our goal is to invest in high potential crypto projects in any stage.

Early-Stage Token

We are thesis-driven investors investing in governance tokens (typically illiquid for a period of time) of high innovative protocols, with preference in DeFi protocols as we believe they will be the foundation of the new financial system. Specially interested in Insurances, Fixed interest rates, Derivatives and Cross-chain & Fluid finance emerging protocols.

Before the investment, we perform a technological diligence far beyond just reading a whitepaper, analyze the tokenomics and evaluate the team behind the project. We follow a rigorous procedure as we have a strong Venture Capital background and are used to mitigate the risks of the investments.

After the investment, we are early users of the protocol and actively participate in the promotion, specially into Spanish speaking communities.

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A great Spanish-speaking ecosystem

We believe that the Blockchain revolution will be as important to the Finance and the Internet and the “.com” were to the Business.

We want to bring more than money, so we are partnering with the best communities of enthusiasts, programmers, bounty hunters, investors, educators and financial experts to speed up the adoption of cryptos, especially in the Spanish language.

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